lunedì 13 giugno 2016

Wip: terminators and Space Scum

Those days had been a bit busy in not-hobby-life so, a fast post about what I'm doing.  I'm working hard on the termies,  cause the space marines tactical squad needs some friends. It is very fast to paint the blue with airbrush, and only metals, blacks, seals, heads and other small things are missing -bases, and also highlights and glass of course-!

However maybe next week they are going to be ready: I  really want to finish them, cause as you have understood I'm going to work on the second wave of space scum. The chief of this second group of cripple monsters is the protagonist of the last chapter of the Chronicles of Caelum VII.
Sorry, I must use the flash because it is too much black!
I'm surely going to do another unit to add at him, and some ideas are flying in my mind.
This guy is the first mock up of that unit: I 'd like to give them a suffering looking and I did not explored too much the idea of blades in arms.

I merged a skitarii head to a zombie one because the second, that is bigger, gives me the idea the pain that you can feel when your head is put with force in a smaller metal helmet. Surely they are going to have a backpack and something other!
I really enjoyed to do the first group but now I have a new toy, the airbrush, and I do not know if use it or not. Space scum are "famous "for their dirty feeling, and airbrush maybe it is too much clean. However now I should finish the termies, then assemble the space scum, last the painting of course.

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  1. Terminators look great coming along. The blade arm guy is terrifying!

    1. Thanks a lot, airbrushing them is super fun!ahah I hope to make it more horrible with paintings and other nice things!