martedì 23 agosto 2016

Tutorial: easy textured metal ( Imperial Knight part I)

Hi you all!
I'm working on the fully magnetized imperal knight. I decided to to a log of painting, doing step by step for some parts, like a kind of tutorial in different posts. As you can see, the title refers to the big project, but also to the part I'm painting, so it is easy to decline it to other minis.

As always the tutorial is not perfect, it is a bunch of idea to listen or trash.

I wanted a subtle metal, that is not going to be the protagonist of the mini, so I decided to make it simple and a bit textured, without extreme lights and shadows.

mercoledì 17 agosto 2016

Wip: Space Scum Reloaded and Imperial Knight!!!

Yes, I am alive! Well this month has been very busy due holiday, work, painting and thing: however I'm now here to write something, namely what's on my table.

martedì 2 agosto 2016

Showcase: stormcast eternals lord celestand on stardrake, commission

Hi all!
Finally I've finished the s.e.l.c.o.s.!!what a long work, since the skaven abomination-search it on the blog!- I had not painted a model so big, and so complex.
However the minis id finished and I am satisfied: I had broke the airbrush, but the new pieces arrived fast and I could do the wings.