Fast, simple and DGD Tutorials

Here a list of my tutorial: in the World there are a massive quantity of painters and Painters better than me, so these tutorials are only ideas, hoping you'll find helpful for something, and sharing fast effective and simple methods that I use.

The tutorial are going to follow the style of this blog, so it is improbable (but not impossible) that you'll find "how to paint a pink unicorn" (now I want to paint one).

A small remark : I do not list the colours and the ingredients (except the weirdest one)  that I use because I use also OOP colours, so I put pics of the materials, and you can find the tone that is more similar.

The guide lines of mmy tutorial are sharing ideas, fast'n' cheap, funny and DGD!


Fast textured metal

Warhammer Zombies

Age Of Sigmar
 AoS Khorne Bloodreavers
AoS dark Stormcast Eternals Liberators 
AoS Fast and Dirty Nurgle Plaguebearers (And Nurgle in general)

Fast and Dirty Nurgle Plaguebearers (And Nurgle in general) 


Gory filaments, slime and clots
blood drops
 Simple and fast dark metal
Fast and easy rust 


 Dead Undergrowth
Earthy base fast and simple

10 tricks to save money

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