Chronicles of Caelum VII


I decided to make a background line for Warhammer 40k, to make more interesting (I hope) the showcase of the mini. The classical showcase already exist so, if you do not like stories, you can easily find them.

I like to add fluff to my minis, and since I painted different kind of them, and not only my Kabal or my Skitarii, I decided to create a Chronicle that include all my work, not only some of them.

As already said, I'm not an english mother tongue or a Wikipedia of Warhammer so, if you find any logical or grammar mistake, feel free to comment!

Chronicles of Caelum VII

Caelum VII was a planet that had suffered an Exterminatus. This is strange because nothing had ever happened, neither a small riot, nor a contact with some xenos, and the people on the planets lives oddly in peace, wealthy, and respectful for the environment. Why an exterminatus?

Chapter I: a new world
Chapter II: before
Chapter III: father

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