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Hi! In this page you'll find some infos about minis sold-selling on eBay, the showcase of the sold one, infos for commissions and a showcase of it, lastly some infos in italian. Every question is welcome!

The aim of this blog is sharing technique, images and ideas about the fantastic Worlds of Warhammer, Warhammer 40K and Age Of Sigmar, hoping to improve my painting style with your comments and give to everybody ideas and advice IMHO.

I also sell on eBay some miniatures I create. It is fun because this is a small economic advantage (not too much but I should be hypocrite not to mention this fact) and helps me a lot to improve.

If you are an European, American, Australian, Canadian, Russian, Japanese users, you can find me easily on eBay searching the  name of the miniature you want (you'll recognize them easily ahahah). There are not a huge quantity of my works, because I paint before for hobby than for businness and I love to sell miniature that I'm proud to sell: my satisfaction coincides with customers satisfaction.

Here a a list of the ads: some of them are an or are expired but you can easily find the new ad on the top of the page and on your eBay. If you have any problem ask, I'll be glad to answer!

Here you can find all my mini for sales:

discover my minis (USA)
discover my minis (UK)
discover my minis (ITA)

 I sell in the whole Europe and also in other countries: check the links above, and you'll find if I can send minis to your country!

Showcase: minis sold on eBay

Age Of Sigmar

Khorne Bloodsecrator 
Khorne Bloodwarriors
Khorne Partial Army Shoot
Khorne Khorgos Khul, Mighty Lord of Khorne
Khorne Bloodreavers

Khorne Bloodcrushers

Stormcast Eternals
Liberators (small unit)
Stormcast Eternals army


Khorne Bloodcrushers

Hellpit Abomination

Vampire Counts

Chaos Sorcerer

Warhammer 40'000


Dire Avengers

Khorne Bloodcrushers

Walking warriors

Onager Dunecrawler (new painting scheme)
Vanguard (new painting scheme)
Rangers (new painting scheme )
Tech priest dominus  (new painting scheme )
Army shoot (new painting scheme)

Space Scum
Anch'k' The chosen and the Blind Ones
Whom slither in the filth 
Army shoot


I also do commission but I prefere to talk commission to commission to decide prices and styles with people: anyway, as you can see on eBay, my prices are under the average. If you are interested, please contact me at

and I can also create tables with prices, but I prefere to know army etc.: for me, painting a Cadian is different from painting a Zombie, but generally who do commissions put them in the same range (maybe not these two, but you have understand what I want to say).
Generally the price is more or less GW price*1.8= painting price for your minis.

So if  you want commissions and/or you have other questions, comment this page and I'll gladly answer.



Showcase: commissions

Aos: Stormcast Eternals LordCelestant on Stardrake 

Utenti italiani
Ciao a tutti,
se se qui è perché ti piacciono i miei lavori, o semplicemente sei curioso/a!

Comunque, qui puoi richiedere informazioni sulle miniature che ho dipinto, e che sono su eBay in vendita- vedi link sopra-.
Come già scritto in inglese, dipingo anche su commissione a prezzi modici: genericamente moltiplica il valore GW delle miniature che vuoi per 1,8, ed avrai il prezzo per la pittura.
Al contrario dei sedicenti studi di pittura non ho prezzi fissi, ma preferisco concordare con il cliente, anche perché per me dipingere un cadiano è diverso da dipingere un bloodreavers, pur essendo della stessa taglia.
Comunque se ti piacciono miniature sporche, sanguinose e tetre, mandami una mail e risponderò a qualsiasi domanda pertinente all'argomento.
Ecco la mail

Grazie mille e rimani connesso per altre news!


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