venerdì 29 luglio 2016

Wip: stormcast eternals lord celestand on stardrake commission,part III

Hi you all!
Last chapter of the Stormcast Eternals Lord Celestant on Stardrake wip! Next post the showcase!

The model is almost finished:some retouch, pigments on the ruins and the wings. Unfortunately I broke my airbrush some days ago and I'm waiting for the replacement -nozzle and frontal part- to do the wings.

However here the results till now: the model is pleasant to paint, the new kits are nice to paint as much as horrible to assemble imho: the quantity of parts and small and fragile part is absurd, hovewer the effort is well paid. No pain no gain!
Tail, head -wings- and lord are not glued, because I agreed with the owner that it is better to ship it dismounted, "due to avoid some brake issue"
Hope you enjoy it!

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