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Tutorial: Fast and Simple Dark Metal

Monthly "tutorial"!
Out there, there are tons of Incredible and complex tutorials about metals made by more skilled and better painters than me: as always if you are in search of the perfect and ultimate tutorial about metals you are in the wrong place, if you want to read a quite fast and simple way to make metals-themed with this blog- you can find some ideas here.

Metals are a strong component of our hobby and more or less everybody is going to face them. In my painter life I used a lot to paint metal as metal, finding some ideas that I keep always with me.

I do not like umm,  because it is too much clean and Imho better in photo than in real life so, I was inxpired some years ago by this Excellent tutorial and I developed my way of painting metals.

When I restarted the hobby I re-painted my Dark Elves army and I was fascinated by dark metal: so that colour is fix in my head and sometimes I use it -declining it to what I'm doing and according it to what I've learned meanwhile- like my Skitarii.
Remember that you recognize metal because it has extreme light and shadows also near each other.

First I use a mix of black and boltgun metal 60% and 40%.  I called it Naggaroth Metal when that name had a meaning (sigh..).

Than a wash of 20% black and 80% water.

Now lets add some light with Naggaroth Metal.

Add to Naggaroth Metal some leadbelcher

Now pure leadbelcher

now leadbelcher + chainmail

Now pure chainmail

Lets apply some glazing, in this case kantor blue 20% water 80%. You can use what you want also a lighter blue like my Kabal is cool or a brown. Pass more glazing  hands if you want a stronger blue-or other colours - iridescence.

Now lets recall the shadows and correct some errors

Here the complete mini

Hope you enjoy it!

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