giovedì 11 febbraio 2016

Tutorial: how to paint fast and dirty plaguebearers and/or nurgle daemons

Hi readers!
I've finished my plaguebearers so, for the monthly tutorial I've decided to share how I painted them because it is simple (extremely few colours!), fast, imho good looking (for the effort) gruesome of course! You can easily use this colour scheme for every nurgle thing you want but also for every rotting walking corpse of course!
I did not like too much the extremely green way of painting, so I managed to try a slightly green colour scheme: hoping you'll find it interesting!

As always this is not perfect, but only a suggest: you are in the wrong place if you think that this is the ultimate tutorial on Nurgle. Ah I said Nurgle Daemons and not only plaguebearers because I think you can use this idea for all the biological part of nurgle minis. Remember that this way of painting is very messy, but this is funny and also because the messy approach is helpful to have dirty minis.

Let's have a look.

First I put a pair of hands if watered down ceramite white with brush. Using the spray is the same thing.

Second a pair of hands of rotting flash - I think now it has a different name-.

Third a generous wash of black and camo green mixed. To simplify, I first do a mix of 70%black and 30% green, then a mix of 70% water and 30% mixed colours.

Now a strange passage given by this post (thanks). Put some rotting flash on the palette, add a 10% of water (90% colour 10% water) and put a sponge on it. Then clean your sponge on a piece of paper and pass the whole body: no matter if yo cannot arrive somewhere, these places are going to be shadows or (extremely ) dirty place.

Now add a bit of white to rotting flash and give light with brush.

And now a bit more of white.

Lets put a bit of bestial brown on teeth and talons, then when the colour is fresh, some bleached bone. This is going to blend the colour easily.

Colour the sword, the guts and the inner mouth with black and also the horn (s).

At the base of the horn when black is fresh put some rotting flash and mix gently on the mini.

Now the funny part!!!

Put a good quantity of scab red on the brush and only with touching the Bubbles you ought paint it - this is an old gw trick-. Then put some bleached bone on the tips and if you want add s small black point or/and some gloss.


Do some spot and shadows with the gw brown wash.
Put them on the "holes" and where generally there are shadows or places where it is easy to sum dirty.

Splash some watered down colour: I've 2used a mix of 80% water and 20% black.

Gore and eyes
Use this tutorial for gore: as you can see I added also black to bftbg and a bit of pus with toothpick somewhere. Play with dry or wet gore to see more or less pus.
After splash the blood.
Last the eyes (because I do not like spot on them). A bit of leman russ grey, then white. If you want add a black point.
The trophy are simple painted with wash of brown and black, black hair, splashed black and classical gore .Lastly I add gloss to sword, mouth and horns.


You can do whatever you want: I use those colours (first gw than mig) than a drybrushed hand of rakhart flesh (not in the picture). After that I made some puddle of black,added bftbg and with a toothpick some swirl of pus.

Here the results (updated a bit later with the pic, sorry)!

What do you think?

6 commenti:

  1. Great job. I like your color choice for the skin. It has some green without being too green. It's a nice change.

    1. Thanks a lot, that was the aim of the painting scheme: catachan green is a great colour used on white/light-rotten green!

  2. Thanks!
    They look awesome, and I have to try this out on a batch of Zombies I have planned.

    1. Thanks to you to have inspiration (also small) with my job, you make me proud!
      It is fun because I found the origin of this painting scheme also painting my zombies, to use wash over clear colours, because I discovered that clear colours are the best to make dirty.

  3. Thanks for this excellent tutorial. I will try to use this on my own unit of plague bearers!
    I have one question: How did you make the vomit? (like the vomit on the plague bearer to the left/first one, in the first picture). Did you use Vallejo Game Effects Vomit - and if so, HOW? Thanks a lot!

    1. Hi! Thanks a lot for your comment! Here the answer
      Using vallejo vomit effect instead of the bftbg!