mercoledì 9 settembre 2015

Wip : Age of Sigmar khorne Bloodsecrator

Today I'm going to show the progress of the Bloodsecrator.
I've started this work between a unit of bloodreavers and another one, due the fact I wanted a break.
When I had all the Khorne miniatures of AoS the Bloodsecrator was one that did not  convince me: the icon was too much big, and come on, a man that spend his time killing and doin' khornish things, has long hair and decided to sit down and put them in a backbone?and that frankenstein head?
So a bit skeptical I started to paint and I discovered that the miniature had-has-  potential. As always How you paint is How the miniature is going to be -not only How it is sculpted-.
I've decided to not chip his armor because he is not a common bloodreavers but a choosen with arms and armor created by daemons.
I've to finish the head and something other small things and i decided that maybe paint a sword and sell him with two options. With two arms he is very cool!
Ah logically I must make him dirty!
What do you think? Any advice?

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  1. That banner is SICK! I love it!

    Though you don't have to chip the armor, you could have some fun with some bright highlights on the edge of the daemon tones. (Maybe thin it so it's really subtle). That might help it go otherworldly, and still keep the "fresher" look you are going for.

    1. Thank Greg, that was the reaction that I wanted!Sick!
      You have find the point: that -goddamn- edges of the metallics are a pain for me (I must buy a new brush 000).
      Your advice is important because I was in doubt about them, and if you if you also think this, I must correct them.
      Ah no chipping of course!

    2. I wouldn't worry too much about them. They look good as is. I was just suggesting a way to "daemon up" the armor plates some! Playing with fun glazed highlights might be a way to add some interest to the armor.

    3. Very interesting: it is a real challenge because the idea is very cool, but I cannot brake the first commandment;probably a red shade can be interesting. Must think it is interesting and I want to realize this daemonic upgrade.
      Thank, very helpful!

  2. pretty cool so far^^

    what have you used for the banner blood effect?

    tamiya clear red? if so, i heard about the technique, but not sure if i got it exactly xD


  3. Hi thank a lot!
    Simpy I use Citadel Blood for the Blood God and Polycolor Black or simply black!
    -mix black and bftbg till you reach the shade you want and put it clumsily:
    -put some hits of bftbg or a mix (of less black and bftbg than the first step) when the colour of the first step is still fresh;
    -put a hand of pure bftbg somewhere when colours are dry, his transparent finish help a lot on metals;
    -sometimes adding colours to bftbg make it a bit matt, so finish with a hand of glossy paint.
    To make the gory filaments, I'll do soon a tutorial!
    Hope to be helpful!