giovedì 18 febbraio 2016

Wip: Space scum!

Hi readers!
As you have already understood I'm working on a weird ensemble of minis to make somenthing of very dgd, applying somewhere a bit of fluff. As already said I really do not know where I'm going because I approached this project without any idea except to make funny minis to create and write some -simple- background.

In one of the last post you have seen the first minis of my small army -yes, till now I've a three units in my mind- , a "hero" and some minis of the first unit. I'm working on the rest of that unit, that is going to be made of 10 "men".

The second unit is going to be made -maybe- of 5 "man". Following the idea that not to be focus on any project, but to make some units with homogenous soldiers, this 5 minis unit is going to be very chaosy. I've found some oooold chaos warriors somewhere in my boxes of minis: using so old Mini is always fun, it is like use some ancient relics that need respect, so lets make them more gruesome! Here one of them, I'd like to add him a bigger legs.

I like the idea to make a unit like "count as" another one like "count as" etc, in this way, due the fact that my army is not perfectly aligned with a faction, you can think it like some weird mechanicum, or dark mechanicum, or some chaos things, or astra militarum: I like to have that freedom! As you know I'm not a player, but I like to make army. Till now I do not know if I'm going to sell those minis, but If I'll do, I'd like to give to the buyer more option possible.
Last group of minis are another vampire counts unit.

Here the first ghoul converted, I hope it is going to become creepy!

I think that AoS had been an enormous change, but, I suppose that before throw away some beautiful whfb miniatures, you can unleash your imagination and create some weird creatures! And also now some minis are really cheap because no one want them: zombies and other things that I bought had a great discount also brandnew like the ones I bought. And also It is very satisfying renovate some old monsters and have an army that is unique!
Have you ever think AoS in that way?

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