martedì 2 agosto 2016

Showcase: stormcast eternals lord celestand on stardrake, commission

Hi all!
Finally I've finished the s.e.l.c.o.s.!!what a long work, since the skaven abomination-search it on the blog!- I had not painted a model so big, and so complex.
However the minis id finished and I am satisfied: I had broke the airbrush, but the new pieces arrived fast and I could do the wings.

I like the fact that the mini is a good compromise between my ideas and the customer's ones.

Well let's speak the pics, hope you like it!
The model is not glued in some parts, because it is more safe to ship: this is why you can find some strange poses!

Now, after this, I 'll restart to paint the space scum, and after...whoa I'm so excited!ahah keep on reading to know!

2 commenti:

  1. Beautiful work. I love how that gloss pops against the armor plates and reds!