domenica 6 settembre 2015

Wip: Age of Sigmar random Khorne

Hi visitors!
Today a fast post about what's on my table: I need also an advice for one miniature.
First  the picture of the protagonist of the last Post with a friend: do not wanna know the nature of their jokes.

Then a group of three other friends.
There is a lot of work to do, but I decided to paint them a bit slowly -after the first 10 in less than 7 days, I'm a bit sick about them -. They are at different Step of work because I've made them with the remained colours of the tutorial: I do not like waste colours!

So this is the miniature that I decided to paint to have a pause between a bloodreavers and another. 

This boy is big,  arm of him is as big as a bloodreavers leg more or less. I've never painted a miniature of this dimension, only smaller or bigger.
I know what you are going to say:  red? Hot colour??? I' ve tried to desaturate the Red aaand it is not finished  -chipping,  dirty etc.- and here you can understand why so much red.
Now the question: there is something that does not convince me but I do not understand what-this  is a common problem of mine-!!!
Any advice?

DarkGoryDirty Warhammer

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