martedì 6 ottobre 2015

Showcase: Khorgos Khul, mighty lord of Khorne

Hi to everybody!
Today I'll show the results of my last work, Khorgos Khul, mighty lord of Khorne. This mini (but all the Khorne stuff of AoS starter box) has been very funny and easy to paint, I think the level of the miniatures (except few details) is very high, well done GW!

As already said, I decided to use red and brass/gold as a status symbol: the more you have, the most you are a strong/important warrior so, K. Khul has a lot of red and a massive Khorne icon of shiny and ancient brass.

So, here the results.
Of course he is on eBay!

I've used black and brown for the cloack, because I cannot stand the idea that this (more or less) 2 meters high boy pass some hours in choosing or dying his cloack!

And here, my new shiny toy!
It is added to the long list of things to do.. but I've some ideas for him! Despite the theatrical pose, I think it is an timeless mini. I love miniatures with few details and lot of style.

Have you seen my old green base? Do you remember when bases were all Goblin Green painted with flock? Old times!

Last but not the least I've bought an HUGE challenge for me (surprise)! I've already bought some new colours to paint them, I'm a bit scary: they are good and shiny, it is going to be hard to make them DGD!

What do you think?

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  1. Very cool! I wasn't into mini's when everyone had them on the green bases :)

    1. I've seen the end of that age -probably in GB and USA those time ended before than here, my country maybe was in late! Or my materials in late '90s early '00s was old ahahah, surely my first Dark Eldar codex has often those bases!