martedì 20 ottobre 2015

Wip: AOS Liberators and stuff

Hello readers!

Today a short post about what I'm doing: these days are very messy because a lot of new things are arrived onto my table.

First of all, here my new project, the Liberators!in the first and second picture you can see the painting scheme experiment: it is grim and a bit mono colour-love few colours painting schemes-. Surely Soon I'll post why I've decided to make them in this way. Do you like the cracked armour? This one is less cracked than others because it was only the proof of concept.
I promise that I'll do better photos!!!

I've two squad of them and also the chief riding that strange dragon-tiger:I'll made a small detachement.
I had tried a classical painting scheme but it was awful (IMHO) also bending it to my painting style so, I've decided to be inspired by a GW painting scheme more cool for me, this one, and change it a lot ahaha!

 Logically the red is desappeared, I'm a bit sick of it!
There new stuff for painting.

Last photos are new ingredients for my minis!
The liquid metals are a very difficult paint (alcohol based, not water based, and they rust if you add water!!!) to use but the results are magnificent. I've used them for the Liberator on the top of the page, but I think  that I can use them for better purposes because after applied I've decided to oxidize the metal and the strongest feature of those colours (extremely shiny) is not underlined.

I've also found a site that is something incredible and it is an enormous source of inspiration, this one.I've take there the idea of cracked armour of the Sigmarite.

Lastly my bloodreavers group is becoming slowly bigger. Hoping to finish the Khorne army them before November!
As Soon as I finish the army I'll post all the bloody group-but not all, Khorgorath has been sold-!

What do you think?any advice for those new colours? And The Sigmarite?

2 commenti:

  1. The grim monotone scheme is really awesome looking! Very unique!

    1. Thank you Greg, so I've caught the point!
      I'm very undecided about some issues: for example remove the "metal" and use glossy black. Next post (probably this evening) I'll explain this doubt. As always your comments and help (and all comments and help of course) are welcome, I'm very doubtful!