giovedì 29 ottobre 2015

WIP: Darker Age Of Sigmar Liberators (2)!

Finally some progress!
The more I paint those Liberators, the most I like to paint them.
Their wide plain areas are very cool to paint, and cracking them add a lot of fun to the job.
Lastly I've decided to use the darker colour scheme, because I've thought that I've undertaken that way (dark and monochrome/monotonous) so it was not "correct" to paint them with some light details.
And also this blog has dark on his name so, you know, in doubt, darker (or more gore or more dirty!!)!
Here the WIP.

 I must paint the shields and do some details-and also paint the champion!-. Probably next week they are going to be ready!

I've also decided to add a saturated blue to the plumes of the chief, to create a strong contrast and recall the blueish shadows.
The technique used are very funny and easy so probably,  I'll do a tutorial if the whole unit results are going to be satisfactory: kill now it seems to be enought good. Are you interested?
What do you Think?


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