lunedì 9 novembre 2015

Age Of Sigmar: Sigmarite Liberators versus Khorne Blood Warriors!

Last week has been very full of things to do, so I did not too much painting and stuff.
I've finished four Liberators but the units is not finished because I miss to paint the champion, so here some results.
Soon I'll make a Showcase post for them.

Here the other things I'm doing.

They are versus the Blood Warriors (sold some days ago) and I like a lot how the Liberators seem composed and solid versus a noisy coloured messy and crazy unit of Khorne. They seems a grim wall of marble and metal and, despite I'm not a great painter,I'm satisfied by their sturdy looking.
I think that a unit of 10 (I'm working at it) is going to seems very grim and badass ahahaha!

What do you think?

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