mercoledì 16 dicembre 2015

Showcase: Wharhammer Chaos Sorcerer

Here a small post about a miniature I've painted more or less 2-3 years ago, when I restarted the hobby.
When I decided to restart WH stuff, I painted my whole dark elves army then him and other minis, but this is another "story"!
I've had this sorcerer a lot of years ago: it was the ancient time when White Dwarf was a gorgeous magazine (Not a catalog). This mini, from 2004 I suppose, was a GW gift (GW and gift, incredible in the same phrase) with a subscription of one year to WD (If I remember well): and it is not the only gift that I had from GW; but this is another "another story", probably a future wip.

It is made by heavy, lovely, thick, difficult to sculpt, paint chipper metal so he can pass throught painting scheme forever.
He is logically on eBay with an high price, because I'm not sentimental (dark elves and dark eldar collector ehehe), but selling him is like selling a small part of my and GW story and it is not my core businness.

As you can see some years ago I started to walk the path of dark colours, but I was not too much dirty or gory: it is interesting use blog and stuff because you can easily see where you were years ago, where you are, and where you are going.
I'm always in search of my style, because I like perfectly painted minis, but I prefere a lot minis without a perfect shading or lighting, but with characterizing style.

Is your style changed a lot during year? And what do you think about this mini?

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