giovedì 10 dicembre 2015

Wip: AoS Stormcast eternals lord Celestant

Hi readers!
those days have been useful in painting, I've finished the Bloodreavers and started the lord Celestant on his Dragoth, the last piece of my small army of Stormcast Eternals.

As already said this model had been difficult to me to assemble and in painting is not very easy but the work continue well.

You have already seen my Liberators and their chief is going to be very similar logically.

The dragoth is going to be very clear to contrast the grim and dark looking  of the Celestant -and Liberators - and because I've thought that an albin look could be disturbing and intimidating as the grim Liberators.
The pale skin is also very difficult to photograph.
Logically it is not finished, I have to paint the head, the knight and all the armour (the part you cannot see in the photo), do a lot of finishing, basing and so on.
However the minis are all with an almost total cold palette, so the dragoth is going to be with blueish shadows than reddish one.
I know that is a bit weird as choice -I mean the whole painting scheme of the lord and the Dragoth -, have I dared too much this time?
Your opinion are very welcome!

Ah I've also put a pic of a Liberator, because the crack effect is less subtle than in other. I must improve the quality of my photos, surely those are not too much good: I've learned that photos made during the day are better than photos made during night like those.

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