venerdì 25 dicembre 2015

Tutorial: fast Earthy simple basing

Hi readers!
For the monthly tutorial, today I'll show my Kabal basing, a simple and fast way to make an earthy base with a nice results (IMHO).

I'm always in search of a base style that it has natural and looking, because I like those kinds of bases, and I do not like that a base seems fake.

Furthermore I think -generally- that a base should valorise the minis, as a nice frame of painting, and help to focus the attention on the mini: something like "wow nice mini... oh also the base is cool"!
As you know I'm a painter, not a gamer, but I like to find also methods for painting fast with a reasonable time and effort (I must work on patience, because I've not got too much of it!).
So, here how I painted my bases, it is simple, it use some fast technique: judging if the result is good is a work for you !

Ok, lets start. In this tutorial you are going to see a base without mini, but generally I paint bases with the mini already positioned.

First, add some piece of cork and put some sand on the base, before primer, then, when the glue is dry, spray the primer.
I use cork of cork (sorry for this word pun) because, for example the cork of the category wine "prosecco", has different layers of cork with different textures, so you can choose wich you prefere-remember to remove the curved shapes of the cork-: then add natural sand, I prefere it because it is irregular. Ah if you want you can leave some small space blank, it would create some nice depression.

As you can see my mini has already the primer so I give a bit of primer with brush to the bases.

Now lets paint it. I use a technique called wet blending, that consist in mix fresh colours on the mini: logically that technique is very complex, and I use a simplified version of it. The colours choosen to make this are three, a "base", a "light" and a "shadow".
Put the base on the whole mini, then add the light on the "tops", and mix slowly: continue to add light to the "tops" till you reach the result you want.  Use an old brush.

Now put the "shadow" colours in the depression, and mix it slowly.
At the beginning this technique could create some horrible results, but with some effort, you'll easily reach a nice result. Remember, the colour must be fresh to do this.

Now let dry the colours. Let's do a green glazing and after it is dryed, add some shadows to the "shadows" to underline them.

Lastly if you want you can add some bush (I use egagropili because I like its matt finish) and the base is finish!Colours are already a bit wet.

Logically you can use the same technique with other colurs and adding washes and other thing, like this sorcerer.

Hoping to be helpful!

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