mercoledì 2 dicembre 2015

Wip: AoS Stormcast Eternals Lord Celestant and Aenur!

Hi readers!
Here, despite stereotypes say that my country is sunny and happy, weather is becoming colder and wet (about happiness, better not talk ahaha).
However painting is a good hobby when it is cold and during this period I'm not stucked into a "depression of painting" -when you do not have too much willing of paint and stuff-, despite I've several things to do out the hobby.

Firts I've primed Aenur, with two primer: I've read this technique somewhere and,due the fact I want to use a more or less zenithal moonlight, I tried.
Surely I'll do some Wip because I've some experiments to do.

Here what I'm working on, the Celestant: this is the main work of these weeks, but when I primed him, I decided to put primer also on Aenur, to have an intermediate step already done when I'll paint him.

I'm in the hobby from about several years but this mini is the most difficult to assemble that I've ever seen (and I assembled the old-fat-one-brick-of-metal orc giant several years ago)! Probably it is not too much complex but when you start a thing with the wrong foot it is difficult to bring it in the correct way. 
I hope that before the last year this boy is going to be finished.
And here Liberators!They are almost finished as you can see only two are  missing.

Lastly a thought: I'm a terrible photographer but I've learned that also different black background are extremely important: look a paper (reflective) one versus a tissue (matt )one!
 For my Liberators the first is better than the second for example!
What do you think?

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