martedì 26 gennaio 2016

Showcase: Nurgle Plaguebearers

Today I'll show my Plaguebearers!
I really enjoyed to paint them and also if you are an imperial straight age, I advice you to paint those boys because they are extremely funny: since the painting of the Kabalite warriors I've never enjoyed so much as already said.

I'm very proud of their sick aspect and I like that bubbleS that I've done with veins (if you find them you win a "complimenti")!

If you like them you can find them on eBay and if you prefere paint them and you are curious about my painting scheme, stay tuned!

I'm working on a new way of make showcase of the minis (this is why my Skitarii are finished but not showed), so stay tuned if you like fluff!

What  do you think?

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