lunedì 1 febbraio 2016

Wip: Space Scum and Space Marine Ultramarine Terminators

Hi readers!
Today I'm very happy because I've started my new five big minis, the mighty Space Marine Ultramarine Terminators and also a group of Space scum.
First the bad boys.

Here some pics about them, I'm having fun in kitbashing those guys! I like to create a unit of tailor made monster, each one/group with a different inspiration.

There is something to to for example the skinny blind  boy is going to have that round thing between the legs replaced -hoping this is not going to be weird to read- and an eye in thr eye socket in his hand.

I must return to use green stuff!!!

I suppose you can identify them like some renegade astra militarum or simply Cultists or maybe some weird creature.. they need fluff of course!

The second project are the termies.
I've decided to try to use the Ultramarine scheme because I'm very interested in twisting painting schemes, and try to add a DGD touch to the most famous marine is a challenge that I wanted to accept.

As you know I like to do those things, so let's start to paint these boys!

I do not like too much the classical blue so I decided to make a blue metal.

Also the white head are not too much fashinating me so I decided to make them a bit weathered with the cool chipping medium by mig.

It is very useful and I should use it more!
After painting the head, the body is too much dark, so I should make it a bit more shiny I suppose. I 'm not too much happy about the result so I'm painting another one slightly different but I'm not too nuch satisfied. Must work a bit more for them.

Should I add some chipping to the body?
I really do not know because I do not want a too much homogenous results. Maybe I'll add some pigment to make it more dirty.

What do you think about those guys?

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