giovedì 14 gennaio 2016

Wip: testing Nurgle Plaguebearers painting scheme

Hi readers!
Today a post about one of the last group of mini I've recently bought, Plaguebearers.

I've never painted a nurgle mini and it is quite strange for me because it has an high level of gore and dirty.
So I decided to accept the challenge, buy a box of Plaguebearers and trying to use some ideas I have.

The first dude make me smile because he reminds me the video of "come to daddy" by Aphex Twin and every time I see that mini the song appears in my mind.

I must be sincere: I was inxpired by John Blanche warm way of painting (ok very slightly, the idea was that, than I was not able to use red and orange) and also by this post for a sponge technique , and I add to the mix my loved "more gore and dirty".

Here the results of the testing of the colour scheme. I think it is quite fun and a bit disgusting the result, as it should be I suppose: remember those minis are never too much dirty ahahaha!
 Any advice?

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