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Chronicles of Caelum VII, Chapter II: before

The second chapter of the fluffy way of made minis showcase. Here the first one.

Chapter II : Before

A group of unholy creatures were walking in a vaste plane surrounded by low hills.
That plain was foggy and wet, and the rays of the two sun of Caelestum VII did not reach the soil, but this was not a problem for the dirty daemons.

If we want to be precise, nothing is a problem for a creature that is simply an extension half conscious of a God, the incarnation of its willing.

The chief of that dirty and messy caravan were absorbed on his thoughts: sometimes, due his grade, he were allowed to emerge from his unconscious deprevated life, but those moments were extremely rare.

He was not worried by the reason of why he was on that planet, where life unhealtly strong, but there where neither an human or intelligent being.
Surely donate the sweet presents of his Dad to unconscious creature that lives on that world were very rewarding, but he missed the screams of pain and the sight of the pupils that slowly became veiled by the cataracts, while the bodies welcomes the funny pustules. He did not know why he and its standard bearer have some extremely well done sick heads, maybe they were some memory of a battle, he didn't know and it doesn't really matters anyway, apart their excellent taste of couse.

He put a foot in a puddle of pus and blood that his Dad presents them where they were walking: the corruption of soil appears when they put a feet on a planets, and disappear when they decide to leave.
Some meters back one of its mate lost some bowels, chuckling.

Funny pustules..why Dad did not give them some small friends? They were so nice in ripping tongues and snatch nails from fingers.. maybe there were not fingers on that planet, not yet.

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