giovedì 3 marzo 2016

Showcase: space scum, Whom Slither in the Filth

If the last week has been slow and lazy, this one has been a bit more productive.  I've finished the first three members of the second unit of my army space scum.

I continue to call them an army but I do not know where I'm going.

However I'm working also on the second unit of that strange battalion, the one made by the ghouls. Here the first 3 of 10 boys.

As already said I start a project and after finished, I started another one but for this army I'm like a kid (hobbyst) in a toy store (hobby store), I want to buy and do everything. I hope not to leave the flow and left half made units!

I remember The Beatles have done a similar photo 

Asses showing

I think that those guys are fantastic to paint and I decided to do only few modifications because I want to keep them simple and brutal, like brainless faceless crippled creatures.

 The chief is a bit more complex because I've in my mind that idea of an elongated head, so I tried to do it. It is a bit similar to Alien!

So here the first results, the chief and a pair of friends.
Lastly a partial army shoot -lol- with the mini that I've done.

The 'units' are a bit different but the total is quite strange but good looking I suppose. What do you think?

2 commenti:

  1. Again, truly awesome stuff!
    I really like your conversion work and the "feel" to the army... Is fiendishly gruesome.

    1. Thanks very much, the fact that an army gives a -fiendish gruesome- "feel" is one of the best compliment I can hear (read)!Again thanks!