lunedì 8 febbraio 2016

Showcase: space scum, Ach'k' the Choosen and the Blind Ones

Hi readers!
Today a showcase of my last work, a group of mutant things arriving straight from my mind!

I've been always interesting in hobbysts that made incredible dark and scary minis customizing existing miniature with extreme kitbashing, so I decided that it was my turn to try this.

The results this first group of crooked minis called Ach'k' the Chosen and the Blind Ones.

As you can see I'm quite far from great results of other fantastic artists out there, but I'm quite proud, they are my first attemp to create some unique monster and the results imho are pleasant I suppose!

Ach'k' the choosen is the only one that has the luxury of seen with an eye -on his hand-. For him I've also tried to do something seen very rarely, to go beyond the round base, and make the terrain out of it. Also, I tried seriously the heavy chipping by mig, it is very funny, simple and good looking!  However Ach'k' the choosen has some servants, and I suppose that I'm going to make this unit more numerous.
If you find the translation of his name you are a good googler!

I decided to make some "units" because sometimes is cool to make single great mini, but also have a group of weird homogenous is funny to do!
I really do not know how this is going to evolve, because I've not already decided if make a whole army, a small detachement, some units, some minis, and this is frankly exciting!
Till now I decided to make some minis with a background, then, if it is going to become something bigger, not a problem for me: this relaxed approach to the hobby is very funny.

Surely they 'll have a chapter on the Chronicles  ( wait, what? Check the first chapter here!).

What do you think? I really like to read your opinion for this new approach to the hobby.

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  1. They look fanatically fantastic!

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  2. Thanks a lot, this emboldens me to continue!