venerdì 15 aprile 2016

Dark Gory Dirty Warhammer changes the name!

Hi readers!
Today a small post about this blog: after some month of life I decide to change the name.
There are not weird reasons to do this: simply I'd like to have a name more evocative about the content of the blog. Sometimes it is more effective to not say something explicitely, but leave some words to give a not too much clear atmosphere.
I decided to use the name "De Silentio Umbrae". I decided to brush up my (poor) knowledge of latin: the title means "about the silence of the shadow": it should be correct, latin grammar is not very simple!
Hope you'll find it cool!
I really do not know if it could be nice to change the URL of the blog: I'd like to be coherent but I do not know if this could be a great problem: I've not clear the pros and cons of this!
Any suggestion is very very welcome!

I'm slowly working on my Skitarii force: 8 men and two half are painted, I hope next week to finish 10 men and the legs of the Onager Dunecrawler, and I also want to find time to share some tutorial, stay tuned!

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