martedì 5 aprile 2016

Wip: Skitarii, new arrivals, new painting scheme

Hi readers!!!
Some days ago arrived a nice box to me full of new cold robot-humans, the Skitarii starter! It is fun to change style from a work to another, so I decided to be more classical with those guys, painting them without too much disorder, but also  giving a bit of my choices on painting, so few colours and dark look.

I'm very excited because it contains a funny units to paint, a great chief and a vehicle, a great variety of minis for a small box. If we do not count the dark eldar jet bike painted more or less 15 years ago, this is the second vehicle I'll paint and frankly I'm quite excited but also a bit scared.

The bad news is that I changed the painting scheme: it is not too bad because I painted only one unit and take away colours from only 9 man it is not too much boring, but damn, this bad habit does not fade away!
However here you can find the old painting scheme and here the new one.

 As you can see, there is an hot colour!
I'm fascinated by twisting a classical painting scheme, so I tried to do it! The red I used is intense, so it reflect too much the light sometimes: I should do better pics.

I decided to do a monochromatic minis with the red in contrast. I used a limited palette, a strong and dirty red, a dark grey, an aged and patinated metal and a bit of old brass hope it is cool!
Do you like it?
Is it too much GWish?

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