giovedì 7 aprile 2016

Wip: Skitarii Ranger!

As you have already read I'm working on skitarii, using a new painting scheme. Slowly the results are arriving and mini after mini I'm gaining confidence with classical techniques -like stratified glazing- that I've used not for some times. Here some results!

As you have seen I'm using the bases that I decided to sold because I like them with that rusty feeling and matt finish given by pigments. I suppose they are nice, so a group of them is not on sale yet. Check the page if you want.
 I'm quite proud of this sword, I like the patinated feeling. Generally I used patinated metal for those minis. I know last month I did not a tutorial, and I suppose that this month if I'll do it, I'll focus on patinated metal.

 I've found a pair of mistake looking at the pics, I must correct them.
 Ok the black background is better I suppose!They are not totally satisfying as pictures also with black bg but they are quite near the reality.

 I got several ideas for this spider-legs guy, I must finish to paint the units like vanguard and rangers, then it is going to be mine!
The work is going slow but steady till now, what do you think?

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