domenica 3 gennaio 2016

Wip: Skitarii Vanguard, testing the colour scheme

Hi readers!
This is the real first 2016 post! sometimes some technical problems occurr!

However I've decided to start to paint the Skitarii. I passed more or less a month to decide how to paint them so-because I start to think how to paint some minis before I buy them -, after thinking and thinking (and thinking) casually (...) I decided for a dark and cold colour scheme.Finded it I really wanted to paint the Skitarii: does it happens to you that you want to try a painting scheme and you are not calm till you do it???

I like dark metal, but I've not used in a "massive way", above all with the new approach I've found, so I decided to use a very limited palette that is going to underline that way of painting metal.

I've imagined them as a squad that is looking a world wich that has undergone a nice Exterminatus, so as you have imagined, the bases are going very flat with gears and stuff.

Furthermore I've a lot of painting and things to try, so I decided to use some of them. Ah the kit I've bought can be assembled in two way (as you already know) and I like both them, but I prefered the vanguard because I prefered have more "metal surface" to test my colour scheme.
Without the game limits, I choosed the guns and stuff that I would like to paint.

Has you can see I've used the long barrel gun, but after I decided that that arm is not going on this unit, so I've removed the head and replaced it with an head of the other unit: surely I'll buy another kit, create the last vanguard boy and use this one for the hooded one unit.

Here an intermediate results with fresh colours. I like them, but I prefere a clearer bases, so I decided to used also another type of pigment.

What do you think? Any advice?

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