giovedì 19 maggio 2016

Showcase: Skitarii army shoot

Finally I finished the Skitarii army!
This army has been a long work for me: first the massive use of red it is not very common for my standards (except the blood of course), then there were a lot of details and different surfaces to paint. I tried a black background, for a light grey one you can find pictures in past/future posts!
The army is finished: soon you'll find the showcase of the sicarians and also an army shoot, meanwhile if you are interested here you can find it and on this page all my minis for sales! 

Probably the fact that the army has very different models, is a strong feature beacuse boredom did not arrive soon (only with rangers and vanguard, the last 3-4 minis for each unit). I tried a good quantity of techniques like sponge for metals, chipping for brass, stratifications and glazing for clothes, drybrush and pigments for bases, also spotting colours and the classical washing: using a good variety of techniques leave away the boredom. So here the results, hope you enjoy it!
Soon a post dedicated to the sicarians and a port for the tech priest!

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