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Tutorial: fast and easy rust!

Hi to everybody!
Finally another  tutorial -ok more a sharing of ideas-. I'm painting the protagonist of the last chapter of the Chronicles of Caelum VII, , so I decided to share how I paint the rust. As always the lines of the tutorial are imperfection, fast, cheap and fun! Quick and dirty is the way.

I'm a very impatient painter and, some of the method and technique that I use are the results of this characteristic of mine. Adding paint to wet paint, use hair spray to fix pigments for example are some of these results. Often these strange techniques are also cheap because I use what I find in my house without going to buy materials: you'll  become crazy if you think how much you can save using creativity and adaption despite buy everything in a hobby shop!

This ideas make me to create my way to do rust: it is very fast and simple, but you can make it complex as you want.

First, a bit of theory:
-some metals create rust, other no;
-rust "fall" into holes and folds generally: this is why imho GW probably miss something when create a color for drybrushing for rust. Drybrush is used onto the "protrusion" ;
-lastly, look alway photo of rust, reality helps a lot.

I have a pair of techniques I use for rust, one is very fast and simple, the other one is already fast but you need more ingredients than simple colours.
Remember those are not the best methods in town to rust something, but if you have not strange things in house like pigments etc, you can achieve a nice result without a great effort.

Simply you need some paint to create rust: this method is good with small part extremely rusted, but if you texture large parts, it could be interesting, also with paint chippers.

First and hand of brown

When the colour is fresh yet, add some orange and mix it. You can also use a sponge if you prefere, above all for wide surfaces.

Add some orange when it is dried if you do not like the tone.

Last, drybrushed metal, easy and done!

This method is very cool with chipped paint!


Ok, these are the ingredients:
Baking soda
colour you want

First paint the metal as you prefere, here a base with warplock bronze, boltgun metal, chainmail and vallejo umber wash.

Make a mix of the three, generally more Baking Soda make a thicker dough, water diluted and so on.

Add it to your mini: be careful to put where you want and when the metals is finished.

Lastly, with some blotting paper (better) or your finger, remove the rust from the "protrusion".

When the rust is dryied, you can add what you want: for example I pass on the edges the lightest metal.

Be careful that once the colour is dried the game ends.

As you can see this idea creates texture, and you can use it to do dirty etc. I'm thinking right now to make it glossy for a filthy finish!
Hoping to be helpful

What do you think?

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