mercoledì 29 giugno 2016

Wip: Space Scum reloaded!

Hi readers!
Today another short post about what I'm doing, the second wave of the Space Scum project. I'm very busy also because I'm preparing everything  for Holidays that are coming and at work, the days are very full, so the progress is quite small.

However  I've finished the chief, called The Shy Beast: the results are not bad but I'd like to see him with the rest of the miniatures I'm doing.
Here a fast  pic, soon a showcase of him -maybe with the other boys-.

I would a suffering unit, so I decided to add blades to severed arms, and use the bottom part of the zombies heads with a clearly smaller helmets, to have the feeling that they are the braincases or that the heads are pushed into smaller helmets.

I added some sketchy cylinders -homemade-, straps and wires, and here the creatures. I'd like to call them crippled berserkers.

Lastly I bought some new colours -pics below-, a new shiny black and a textured colour: they where in discount and I love Maimeri colours, so you know what you must do in his cases!

Ah a bigger project is arriving... I can't wait!!! I got some days to decide how to paint it!

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