martedì 19 luglio 2016

Wip: stormcast eternals lord celestand on stardrake, commission part I

Hi readers!
Sadly back from Holidays: as almost every nice thing, they are finished.
However waiting me at home there was a commission, so lets put brushes in the colours!!!

The buyer want a stormcast eternals lord celestand on stardrake with a very precise painting scheme. Frankly I am very excited because the painting scheme is famous and I love it, and the kit is simply gorgeous. I really want to paint it.

After some tests, we reached the nuances wanted for the mini's parts.

I spend a good amount of time in glueing ans assembling because I learned that the new kits are a big pain if you do not a precise work.
The model is now primed: I'm  a bit impatient in painting it!

Thanks to the buyer that allows me to share in my blog the work and also thanks to have choosen me for painting, I am very proud when someone thinks that my job is worth of his attention.
Furthermore the painting scheme is inspired by one of one of my favourite blogs,
And I am very happy to try this challenge.

So I finished the white on the drake body: here the result!

The space scum reloaded project and another big one I'm doing are going to shift in the future: I got a lot of nice things and challenge to do, I am very happy!

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