mercoledì 17 agosto 2016

Wip: Space Scum Reloaded and Imperial Knight!!!

Yes, I am alive! Well this month has been very busy due holiday, work, painting and thing: however I'm now here to write something, namely what's on my table.

Frankly I'm quite excided by what I'm doing, but let,s proceed with order.
First, I'm working on the second wave of the Space Scum. Last projects, the stormcast eternals lord celestant on stardrake had been an interruption of that work.
The minis are coming quite well: by then, after painting some zombies, another wave of them, and other similar stuff, the painting is relaxing and funny because I perfectly know what it is going to happen, so I can enjoy the job without trouble. You can also see some old zombie on the left!

Sometimes, it is useful to put challenges apart to relax yourself with funny and comfortable painting!
On the other hand a storm is arrived: well I bought this mini at least a month ago, but first I decided to relax with the space scum, then arrived the lord, so I put this project aside, also because for me it is quite difficult as I think I want it.

I'd like to magnetize all the weapons, paint it with airbrush, without betray my style of painting.
For me it is the opposite of the space scum mentioned above, because I rarely paint big model, I've never magnetize anything, and I'm quite newbie with airbrush (here and here my unique finished works).
Luckily I've found an interesting post here for magnetizing, so thanks a lot.

Well maybe I can balance the comfortable Space Scum with this Challenge, but you know, impatience is a bad beast, so I think I'm going to work on this big robot!

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  1. Loving the space scum. They are just so character filled and awesome!

    1. Thanks very much, their were an experiment and luckily the result is quite satisfying!