lunedì 29 agosto 2016

One year blogging!

Hi you all!
It is already finished my first year of blogging, incredible!
This post is published the same day and hour of my first post, exactly one year ago (approximated to minute).

I'm very satisfyed by this experience, also because the blog is a fantastic log that keeps tracks of all the progress, failures and fun that I have with my my small plastic soldiers.

Image from the internet.

I really did not know if this blog could last more than a month, but luckily the fact that some people like it, and looking all my work together -as you know, I keep for me few minis I paint, the biggest part are sold- spurred me to continue.

The blog traffic is not huge, but I'm satisfied also because most of you, readers, stays on the blog for some minutes, creating good traffic, not a trash one,: for me, it is more important few long visits, than a massive quantity of trash traffic. I also noticed that my weird and simple tutorial are considered ok, and this is fantastic, let's spread horror to clean, light and perfect minis!

First I'd like to thanks my  "follower", namely TheKillingCold, Matthias Schäfer, Stuard Bannister, Joan, A Sent One, Redscorps: ok, they are very few, but everytime one of them decided to add themselves to this blog, a big smile appears on my face. If you have a blog tell me and I'll follow and post the link here!

Second thanks to you all readers, your interest feed this blog!

Honorable mention for  Greg and Thor, the most active commentators, their blog are great sources, and thanks you all commentators, keep on writing!

Last but not the least, thanks to all the people that click and buy something on the eBay links on the blog, and to everybody that buy my miniature on eBay or ask for commissions!

Well my miniature painting style changes a bit during this year: hope to continue to enjoy painting and blogging, so keep on goring minis, sometimes talk about numbers (another great fondness of mine) and read here!



6 commenti:

  1. Congrats!

    Blogging can be hard work, but it's very rewarding when you get some regular readers who take the time to comment. Many of us bloggers remain small - no large amounts of traffic, but we do it for fun, and the reward of sharing our work and efforts with everyone.

    1. Thanks! I think the same things, if you base your blog only on traffic performances, it could be difficult to continue it with fun. However long time readers are very rewarding, despite the fact that the volume is not great!

    2. Exactly.

      The blogs out there that get a lot of traffic aren't the best communities. Look at Bell of Lost Souls. They get a ton of traffic, but those guys are just writing articles to get traffic. The traffic they get isn't good either. Most of the commenters just complain how bad the site is, how bad the articles are, etc.

    3. Probably the fact that readers are bounced by their site is not a great problem-if they are: not always what people say is what people do-, and their goal is not to interest people or sharing ideas, however they have fun in it maybe!

  2. Congrats on a year! I'd follow but my blog system won't let me! So I just comment and visit when I can! Keep up the great work, and here is to another year!

    1. Thanks a lot! Do not worry, find your comment is always a pleasure, also without being an official follower!