martedì 29 settembre 2015

Showcase: AoS Khorne Blood Warriors

Hi readers!

As you have understand, there is a mistake: no picture here till now because I forgot to attach them (TILL NOW).. sorry!

 However I think you've understood I'm painting the Khorne army of AoS box!
Today I'll show some progress.
First I must confess: I'm procrastinating  the bloodreavers: this unit is going forward very slow because I'm distract by other miniatures!
However I think the aos starter box bloodreavers are much more cool than the ones you can buy in separated box -the bloodhound beard is a clever idea but it is horrible to see ehehe-.

So I started to paint the blood warriors: as you know Hot and Bright colours are painful for me to use-if i cannot make them sick or rotten- but Khorne's colours is red so I must accept the challenge.
 The models are very funny to paint but the instruction are very useful before painting!

The shields and their axes are very easy and funny,  the miniatures are full of details and very 3d.
I decided to make them red etc. because firstly they are the traditional colours, secondly because i use that colours to create gerarchy -more red and bronze, more importance-,  lastly because all the aos miniatures are beautiful but full of details, so i think that if you do not make clear differences from different units, on the table They can be difficult to distinguish one from another one - as you can see in the picture -.
I decided to put a bit of gore onto their mouth (they are cannibal or they are vomiting blood, all the options are funny) and make them not too much dirty to not cover the red.
They are superfast to paint (more than the bloodreavers).
DGD levels
 Dark: 2/5
Dirty: 1/5
 Of course they are on eBay.
I promise that next post is going to be what I promise before correct this post.
What do you think?

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  1. Looking great! You should make sure to include your ebay link as well when showcasing these bad boyz! Also try photographing them on a darker background, i think you'll get less white wash out in the photos. (dark grey or even black).

    1. Hi Greg, thank for compliments and advice! The link is now included but till now, not all the countries in the World can buy from it (look the dirty businness page).
      The background issue is a big fault of mine. I'm a very bad photographer and if I use black background, the minis are too much clear (and different) from reality. With a white background too much dark so I use a light gray one.
      But using a dark grey background is clever and I should have one at home, so next photos are going to be publish with that one!
      Thanks a lot!