mercoledì 23 settembre 2015

Showcase: Zombies

I love zombie (TWD fan of course): they are dirty gory and dark! With them you can experiment a great quantity of techniques, to make them really disgusting and disturbing.
This is a showcase: I've sold them (two units of 35 each one) on eBay and soon I'll make a tutorial about them (hope you'll like it). It is very funny to make units like they are rising from their graves and I love to create unit fillers to give the atmosphere to the units.
Zombies are one of my favourites miniatures to paint and create and I hope that GW is not going to change them (only change bases) and let them survive (LOL) the AoS apocalypse.

DGD Levels
Dark: 3/5
Gory: 4/5
Dirty: 4,5/5

Waiting for the tutorial, for now tell me if you like them!!


4 commenti:

  1. Absolutely incredible work! I hope you enter this squad into a competition sometime, because it is wonderful!

  2. Thank Greg!
    I'm sorry but they are already sold!

    1. Well poop! Well they are wonderfully fantastic :)

    2. It's fun because I've painted a small vampire counts army- without thinking to create it, only painting what I wanted to paint- and I've sold all the minis to different customers!