mercoledì 30 settembre 2015

Showcase: AoS Khorne Army Shoot (partial)

Hi readers!
As promise, here the partial army shoot of the Age Of Sigmar Khorne Army.
Till now, the work is going slowly, but I'm quite satisfied for the results.
I like the fact that the different red between the two main units seems to me to underline the different "caste" (am I imagining this or it seems also to you?). Thank to Greg advice, I've used a different background.

And here, the next project. Probably I'll discontinue this if pity will catch my heart and make me to finish the bloodreavers- or decide to paint the bloodstoker ahaha- but, painting only the pet has been very funny so, dear bloodreavers...a bit of patience!

As you can see there is something to do but the result is going to be very similar to this. I decided to make him dark because dark big dogs are the most scary. The background is Gray but for the final result is going to be black, after I've seen the photo above. A black t-shirt(I used it as background ) change a lot the colours but a black paper is fantastic.

And here a small reminder of the eBay ads. Remember that if you are interested, read the "Dirty businness".

Blood Warriors

Ah and now DarkGoryDirty minis reach also Usa, Cananda, Australia, Russian Federation and Japan!

Lastly I've bought a fantastic old miniature (for me ehehe). It is different from the miniature I usually paint and, when it is going to arrive, I'll show it!

What do you think?

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  1. Great job. I really like the muted tones on them. I think Khorne units look best that way and not all bright red. Varied red is fine with Khorne and I do it with my Khorne Daemonkin army. It gives a bit of variation in the army and it works. It's not exactly like these guys are hanging around a fire saying, "Bob! You used the wrong red to paint your armor with!"

    1. Thank you Thor! Yes, some armies have a few colours, and distinguish units with different shades is very interesting. You cannot avoid red if you are Khorneing, but different shades of red are a must (for my painting style).