giovedì 22 ottobre 2015

Wip: Age Of Sigmar Liberators

Today I'll show some progress about the Sigmarite Liberators.
These models are very strange because they have someting I like and something strange.

First I like their expressionless and a bit severe masks and also that aureola: only painting I've thought that those arcs could be a sign of holiness like an aureola!
I like also the fact that they have not too much details and the fact that GW decided to avoid to sculpt embarassing nipples onto the armours (sometimes GW makes this joke..)!
Ah and I like that GW gave them a great and consistent symbology (light, thunder), and also that do not give them an armour with" '70s pant's" legs like Space Marines.
I like they have "more levels" of armour.


I do not like too much the fact that some details are too much stereotyped (probably this is the  biggest fault in GW works, sometimes is too much stereotyped: one word, skulls) like the small hammer that you can find somewhere.
The shoulder pads remember me tha marines' one but upside down: luckily painting them this sensation is disappeared.
I like the fact that they invent new kind of runes, it make me curious about meaning, but I do not like the bandana and that knives.
But the thing that make me more puzzled is that IMHO they have biggest legs (and small heads but this is a classic) than they should have, above all looking the back, isn't it?
And the iron underpants are a bit weird of course! Probably this is the proof that Slaanesh is not desappeared!!!

Making the sums, the models are enought cool IMHO to be painted.

As already said, I've tried to apply the classic painting schemes but it was too much bright to me, so I decided to "invent" one.

As mentioned, I've found a GW scheme that I like and I declined it to my style, using an idea mentioned to make the armour cracked to give different levels of details.
I like to make them grim because I think that in Warhammer (all three games) there is not a bright good or evil, and each faction has dark and clear faces, a lot of variations of grey for me: ok someone is brighter than others, but there is not a total black or white. I love relativism.

Here the models in WIP and some results.
You have already seen one of them of course and I hope that the photos are better.

And now I need an help: do you think it is better a version with some metal details-hammer black- or an dark hardcore one with those details in glossy black?

Here you can see more easily the cracked armours
First version

                     Second version

After seeing the photos compared maybe the darker one is cooler!

Any advices?What do you think?

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