giovedì 12 novembre 2015

Showcase: small unit of Stormcast Eternals Liberators

Hi folks!!!
Finally yesterday I've finished the first unit of Stormcast Eternals Liberators! As already said, it is not a complete unit because they are going to be half of a biggest unit of ten, and then I'll paint the "champion" riding that cool dragontigerthing!
Anyway this boys are going to be sold as usual, and I want to give to the buyer the choice to use them as a two units or a bigger one: I think I'm going to invent a subtle way to distinguish the two units.
So, they are somehow a complete unit , and they deserve a Showcase post.
Here the results.

I'm very curious to see how a small group of those bulky man are painted with my colour scheme because you know that the first word of the name of this blog is "dark", but I've never painted such a dark painting scheme, above all for an order army.
I'll be very glad if you'll tell me what you think!

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