giovedì 19 novembre 2015

Showcase: Vampire Counts Vargheists

Hi DGD readers!
Today I'm going to share my last but one Vampire Counts units, the weird Vargheists. They are cool miniatures but poses are quite shameful and I do not like too much the extremely high back fur (the one with two row of fur is a bit embarassing ahaha)!
However I've painted them more or less 9 month ago (I think) and I sold them on eBay as usual.
I decided to make them with a realistic feeling (how strange) so I paint them in a grey scale (enriched with a slight shade of blue), with brown fur (Mommy GW should provide them a kind of cloth to cover their "shames"...) and black and glossy wings to create a contrast with the body (darker wings than the dark body clear the body itself).
I do not like too much paint wings generally, and I love the glossy leather finish onto miniatures, so I make them black glossy, it add a bit of sick IMHO.
I decided also to use a bit of bestial brown to veil the middle tones to give a more natural feeling. It is the same technique used with the Liberators.
Finally a classic hand of gore of course.
Hindsight a bit more of dirty should be better.

DGD Levels:

Dark: 4/5
Gory: 3/5
Dirty: 2/5

What do you think?

2 commenti:

  1. Great job. The gloss on the wings is a nice touch I may have to borrow ;)

    I use these guys, without the wings (using the arms in the kit), as my Chaos Spawn. They're great models.

    1. Thanks Thor!
      Glossy wings are in my opinion very interesting -good result/work rate-, I'm very glad to be helpful!
      Yes they are a good units, I've also seen great DE Grotesques made with them: their versatility is a strong feature. Now I'm curious I must find into your site your spawn!!!