martedì 24 novembre 2015

Projects: must, should, want an done

Hi readers!

Sometimes it is useful for me to make a list of what I've done/what in going to do  to boost my willingness to continue what I'm doing.
I used/use this trick in several occasions, so why do not use it also in the hobby?
Furthermore publish this list is a kind of oath with readers so it is going to be stronger motivation!
I divided this list in different parts: some parts have a photo to witness the "state of the art" till today.

I must finish some mini and I hope to reach the target for each one.
First I must add the Lord Celestant to my small group of Stormcast Eternals (what a long name)before the end of the year.

Logically I must finish my Liberators before the end of the year. Ah I'm doing the monthly tutoral about them, hoping to spread the monochromatic verb.

I think those facts has high probability to become real.
I must Finish those poor Bloodreavers before the end of the year: they are became very boring after painting the first ten, and I do not know why because I like a lot those minis: I really do not know but I must deign them a worthy ending. The fact is that the job is almost done!
And alsoI must do a unit of zombie!!!! You can easily recognize the protagonist of the zombies' tutorial and a unit filler. I love unit fillers (above all in Zombie units), they give "narration", but I do not like when they are bigger than a 1/3 of a unit.

this two facts have associated a smaller amount of probability than the first two, but I'd really like to finish them.

I should finish to paint the bloodstoker.. I think I'm stuck with him because I see him like the twenty-first Bloodreavers.

And also a second unit of zombie is waiting!

But I do not know If make them with square bases, round bases (Age Of Sigmar) or create a sick unit of converted chaos Astra Militarum -look at want-.
Ah also the cute Aenur deserves some attention, till now I've only done the base(incomplete, I'm very undecided about something).

And what about my Kabal???

The Archon needs also the bare head.
I've really tried to have one Project per time but it is impossible!

Ok these are not a real want but a wishlist, and you know, it is not too much polite say want, the meaning is would!

i) I want a Skitarii army, yes I deserve those lovely heartless robots. The problem is that I do not want to sell them ahah!
ii) I want one or two of Dark Eldar Venoms. I'm not a player, but I like to have armies and not spread miniatures without a sense.
iii) I want also to make an inquisition band but it is only an idea till now.
iv) Lastly I know that sometimes the Gory gene hits hard and often he want a bit of sickness  more: I'd like to make something for the dirtiest chaos God!
Surely this wishlist is not going to be followed!

I think that before the end of the year I'll do a recap of what I've painted this year, hoping to overtake the amount of mini painted and fun of course.

It is useful to you to make lists like this?

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