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Done in 2015

Hi guys!
Today I'm going to do a recap about what I've painted/done this year. I suppose that I've painted more minis but I'm not sure, so I've decided to put only the minis I'm sure I've painted. Some week ago I've post the list about what I must do before the end of the year, now the results.

There is also some thoughts about hobby and blog, it is a list of things, hoping to be interesting.


Kabalite warriors for my beloved Kabal, 12. I love my Kabal, and in 2016 I'll paint surely other things for them, hoping for plastic Incubi. Please, I want plastic Incubi.

Hellpit Abomination, 1. I've bought this mini because I wanted to try new ideas I had. Quite proud of the results.

Chaos Champion, 1. This was one of the Chaos AoS starter, It was a bit difficult to paint, but I'm quite satisfied. You can find it on eBay!

Chaos Bloodreavers, 20, Chaos Standard, 1, Chaos Khorgorath, 1. I loved to paint this army. Bloodreavers were firstly interesting, but I burned out with them and finished them lately. You can find them on eBay!

Chaos Bloodwarriors, 5. Quite proud of those guys, they had been easily and cool to paint.

Liberators, 10, and lord celestant, 1. This boys are the point of change on my painting life for this year. I decided to experimentate a monotone painting style and I found it worth of studying, so for example my Skitarii are strongly influenced by a monotone and cold painting scheme. You can find them on eBay!

Zombies (I've painted only 12 of them, poor results!): no photos here, so here the link of the old one. Zombies were a certainty on eBay, I've sold a good quantity of them during these years. Then arrives the AoS revolution. Luckily I love painting zombies, so I'll paint them, or convert them.

Dire Avengers, 8. I've painted those guys to improve my ability with metal: I wanted to try a blueish metal, and the results were quite interesting. Ah I also love to twist the classic painting schemes, and those guys feed my need to change a compulsory way to paint a mini.

Necron 20 (not published till now!). I created those guys because I were too much frankly annoyed by the weird and  "pooping" pose of the warriors, so I decided to buy some of them and make them walking without  a great effort. This was not too much simple, and some of them seems that they are stumbling, but for a fast work for earning something, that was not too bad. Ah, I removed the disco glowing stick, IMHO one of the biggest GW fail lol.

tot 92 minis! Not bad, but next year I'd like to paint more! What about your perfomances?


I've decided to share some ideas that I have to paint, trying to produce a monthly tutorials. Till now, I've reached the goal, and, despite I'm not a perfect painters, I hope to spread word of dark, gory and dirty painting all across the world. It is a great crusade, looking the cool, bright and clean minis that grow out there, damn!
Jokes apart, I hope to be helpful for someone in painting minis with my themes, with good looking and reasonable effort, and, if you cannot stand a perfectly monotone or gruesome army, maybe you can add a small spot of blood or choose the "greyest" from two colours reading these pages.
Here the tutorial of this year: they are more than 4 (four months of life of this blog!). You can also find them on the Tutorials page of course.

Warhammer Zombies
AoS Khorne Bloodreavers
AoS Stormcast Eternals Liberators
Gory filaments, slime and clots
blood drops
 Dead Undergrowth
Earthy base fast and simple


These 4 month of blogging had been quite messy. I'm not a natural english speaker, so this blog help me a lot to improve my english, and this is good. Sometimes some problems occur, above all with the publication of the post, but as everyting, only practice can help to improve myrself. I've reached a quite good visualization goal I suppose, and I've found a lot of great people around the web that shares their passions.
Next year (this year!) I hope to enlarge my conoscence about blogs out there, because there are a lot of people out there with amazing ideas that need and deserve to be known. Probably the thing that surprise me the most is the strong network of friends and buds that has their blog and share the ideas.
Blogging is cool and I hope that I've enought thing to tell to you!


This is the second year I sell minis on eBay. I generally decided to sell because I love that someone thinks that my mini are worth of money,moreover I do not like have a messy collection of minis but I like to paint different things, and also I do not like to fill my house with tons and tons of minis: minis arrive and go, the techinques and skills you learned painting them remains to you. So I sell my minis, and I like the idea that my hobby is not only a hole where put my money, but also a small tree where sometimes I can catch some fruits. This year has been better then the last one, and I hope that the next is going to be better. If not, no problem, it is an hobby not a job!


I've also create a quite weird post about Our Hobby, this one, opening a new group of posts, "stats talk".

is our hobby Dying?

It has quite good visualization for the volume of my blog, and I hope that you'll find interesting read it. I suppose that this year I'll do other post like that, because I love numbers, and I hope to give you something interesting to read quite different from the classic post "GW bad no GW good".

This year has been quite good for the hobby and I hope my blog could be interesting to you! If you have any advice about blogging and hobby please tell me!

Now let's start the new year officially!

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