venerdì 8 gennaio 2016

Showcase: Walking Necron Warriors

Hi readers!
Today a small post about some minis painted in the 2015 that I forget I've painted, my 10 walking Necrons Warriors. Those boys and the Dire Avengers were a whim that for a long time I had. Specifically I wanted to try to make that minis walking and without that horrible (IMHO) disco glow barrel stick.

As already said, I do not like the "pooping" pose that those warriors have, so I tried to make them walking (seen somewhere in the Internet) without spending too much time. Some of them seems that they are falling or stumbling, but I suppose that they are not perfect after aeons of rest and war. Anyway I spent more or less a pair of days in painting and modelling them, and the result was quite good for the small effort.

I'd like to see some better walking necrons made by a Necron lover, so I hope to have inspired you , 'crons, some strange ideas!

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