martedì 12 gennaio 2016

Wip: Skitarii Vanguard and new arrivals

Hi to everybody!
Today a small post about some progress on my Skitarii project. I must find a name and some fluff for them, till now I've only thought that they are exploring a world after an exterminatus.
However here the guys, I've added a bit more of blue to the wires because the were too much simple also for my standard.

 And here new guys I'll paint soon.
I wanted for a long time to paint some nurgle stuff so I bought some plaguebearers: it is quite frequent that I've some whim and this time I decided to satisfied it!
I've several ideas to try, and I'm already working on them!

The last arrived are some space marine terminators.

I think you cannot believe me but in my life I've painted only one space marine (twice) so it is a great challenge to me painting the most iconic minis of WH40K.
I think I'll paint them as Utramarines trying to change a bit the classic colour scheme.

Any advice for those minis?

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