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Chronicles of Caelum VII, Chapter I: a new world

Hi readers!
As already said I've decided add some fluff to my minis so.. I decided to change the way of showing my minis when I publish a showcase for warhammer 40k!

Added to the classical way of showcase, I inaugurate the Chronicles of Caelum VII, a world I would like to describe throught the minis I painted.

The project is not full of ambition but fulfill my desire of add some fluff to my works, and generate a common background to soje of my works.
Hope you enjoy it and if I make some mistake (I'm not a bg expert) or you want to say something, please write it!

Chapter I: Skitarii

Caelum VII was a small planet near the southern border of the Ultima Segmentum: the planet was colonized in a pacific way by the human race, also because none intelligent being was detected in the surface. The population growth fast, but the flagship of that planet was the balance between progress, regard for the environment and health of the civilians.

Probably the most strange thing of this planet was the fact that anything worth of attention never happened. But, as the planet anonimously lived, as silently died.

In 924M41 the Exterminatus had been sentenced. Clearly only the highest sphere of the Inquisition know exactly -or suppose to know- what happens in a planet were neither a small civil war or riot had never been recorded, and the cult of the Emperor was strong and spread capillary.

After the chemical bombing, that destroyed all the biological component of the planet, the psykers of the Imperial fleet responsible to scheduled control after the exterminatus the empty shell that once was a prosperous and peaceful planet, pick up weirdly some traces of life.

That news were something of unheard by the Imperium representatives and a blanket of doubt dropped on them: in one hand it was impossible that something arrives on the planet after the bombing, there were too many controls, and on the other hand the fact that something (clearly not someone), could survive to an exterminatus were also absurd .

Have the Inquisition failed the Exterminatus and do they know that?
What did they know about that planet?
Above all, what they did not know?
Where were the second sun of that solar system?

It was not a secret that only to think those questions, had been a sentence of death by the compassionate hand of the Inquisition, so, it was decided to declare that the results of the psykers scan as affected by some not too much explained technical problems.

The general of the fleet send all the ships home, leaving a small maniple of Skitarii, that were escorting the fleet, on the surface of the planet to investigate that strange events, supposing that the resistence of those beings on a death planet, with their mechanical precision and thirst of knowledge, wuold make them perfect to solve the enigma, without getting the attention of the Adeptus Astartes, too much uncompromising.

The drop pods landed where once there was a Hive City, now become a chemical wasteland, covered by a veil of dust made by the mix of organic and inorganic molecules: few intact remanins witness the existance of sentient being.

That fact should point out if the Imperium must understand the difference between inpossible and improbable. Or maybe they already know it.

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