lunedì 14 marzo 2016

Wip: space scum, Dark Eldar and bases for sales!

Hi readers!
Finally I've found some minutes to write something about what I'm doing!
I've three news -ok two and half- about hobbying: first I've almost finished the first unit of the famous space scum "army". Only two monsters are missing but I suppose that this week I'm going to finish them! Ok these needs a bit more of gore and a hand of mig earth on the bases.

I've also painted another blind guy, I suppose that its name is going to be penguin Metal wing: also him deserves gore and earth!

I've painted some bases, and I decided to sell them on eBay to earn something and also because I like to do bases: I really like the rusty-earthy finish and I hope that someone with grim tastes is going like them! Till now I've done 30 25mm bases, but I have to do another 10 25mm bases, 10 marine bases-do not remember the mm, maybe 32- and a pair of bigger bases -the ones of obliterators- so, if you need to rebase something, here more than half job done!

Here , here and here the links if you want look at!

Last a terrible news: do you remember my beloved Kabal?  Ok, last night a new painting scheme appears throught the haze of the drowsiness... oh no now I must test it. Before repaint all my Kabal -the 4th time - I must try the painting scheme on a mini so I scratchbuild a model:

I suppose I'm not going to repaint all my army, but maybe done a new one..without finishing the last one? I really do not know.
I decided to take this step after testing the  painting scheme! Till now the scratchbuild mini is Pretty pleasant I suppose!
Have you ever had those kind of problem?
What do you think about these minis?

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