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Chronicles of Caelum VII, Chapter III, father

Chapter III: father (here chapter I and II)

The unholy and dirty creature seemed thinking about the void, tasting the strange object he found in the home of his last gory meal.

All around an innatural silence were like like a wall of concrete, sometimes interrupted by the terrific sound of broken bones made by the jaws of his crooked brothers. The spots of blood on the neon lamps projected horrorific shadows on the sleazy walls of the houses.
That strange object... it was the third thing in two days that messed up the his simple mind, generally always focused in search of fresh meat. Meat: he loves meat, thinked the mad creature.

Last night, he was sleeping near all his brothers and, in its squalid hovel deep in the sewers of the hive city something that he had forgotten that it could happen -a dream- shine his dark nights. he was running in a field: the touch of the grass on his bare feet were soft and the rays of the sun -that thing that he forgotten- make warm his skin,  and light two beautiful prey, a bigger one and a small one: but in that dream he did not think at them like food, but like something to... to protect. That feeling of completeness and happiness, a luxury that he was not yet permitted to have.
That dreams were insanely strange, also because that feeling were too strange to exists.

The last thing that he was thinking was the word that one of the pray says: it was a weird sound, but for one istance he thought that he should not eat those creatures. Luckily the smell of spilled blood awake him from that hesitation and he jump on those preys, killing and eating them, not in this order.
But that word, maybe should be impressed on his simple mind.
The pray said: " no".


The small doll of carved wood, memory of a forgotten past and witness of horrible facts fell from the hands of the monster. Once a man, now bended to be a disturbed and twisted creature, condamned to forget everything.

The herd called him, he went away in the shadows.

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