martedì 3 maggio 2016

Showcase: Skitarii vanguard new painting scheme

Finally  some days ago I finished the second unit -first here- of the Skitarii army I'm doing, the vanguard. You have already seen that this is the second painting scheme, the red one.

Painting red in a classical way -watered down and light layers- has been funny after painting a totally messy project like space scum, but now I'm a bit sick of all this red, and I have to paint another unit. Luckily half of the rangers are painted, so the biggest part of the army is done. However here the guys, hoping this painting scheme is better than the older one -you can easily find it browsing the blog-.

As you can see I cannot resist to spot something! The sword is quite nice I hope, I like painting sword. I've tried to underline the old and patinated feeling of the metal with some small OLS like the sword for example.

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